Monday, October 11, 2010

week 4

4 weeks, wow times starting to fly now, i had a great week but i also had a bad day!
I trained so hard all week and put in a massive super Saturday session, but................. Sunday!!! oh dear i was a very naughty boy had a few to many beers! but i drunk low cal beer all day hehe,  yeah i know naughty naughty! thankfully the scales still showed a drop in kg PHEW! but i cant help but think what would of it been if i had of behaved myself???
anyway all in all I'm really starting to feel the effects of eating healthy and exercising, i even got my first comment of "wow your belly is looking smaller" YAY i was so excited to hear that all this hard work has not been in vain! now I'm so excited to see how i feel in another 8 weeks.
Another great bit of news today is i had a strange lump on my chest and have been a lil concerned about it for the last few months, got my results back today and it turns out i just have a sternum that has popped forward yay!! nothing bad happening in their!
My live is changing and I'm loving every second of it!

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  1. Hey Jimmy! This is an awesome post! I feel your enthusiasm! It feels great doesn't it. Especially when people start noticing!!! I'm hoping to catch up with some friends in Adelaide early next year and I hope they actually get a shock!!!

    Watch those "bad" days though. It's easy to think 1 won't hurt and have another one and before you know it a run of bad days undoes all your hard work! ; ) Glad you are still with the program.