Wednesday, August 25, 2010

day dot!!!

hmmm not really sure how to kick this thing off rather than my current thoughts,
As you kinda gathered buy the title, this blog is intended to be concentrated entirely on my struggle with my fitness aka beer gut!!! I'm a 30 year old male who for the last 8 to 10 years have slowly been growing outwards, this is now slowly becoming a problem both physically and mental, mentally as in" is my partner now not attracted to me???" and physically as in a numerous no of health problems that i believe can be cured buy simply having a healthy lifestyle.

my biggest issue I'm struggling with is reflux, i ain't a Dr but I'm sure that reducing the crap that I'm throwing into my body will reduce severe reflux, Hey its a long shot but I'm counting on it!

sooooo what am i doing about this and how am i going to attack it........

i have not really attacked my weight other than one time when i got a personal trainer, i tell ya what it ripped the pounds of me and really started to work, then i got a call from a ex partner of mine whom informed me she was moving to Tasmania with my 1 year old daughter, It was a gut wrenching decision but i left my life that i had worked so hard for, dais goodbyes to my remaining family in qld and moved to Tasmania so i could live close to my little girl.

I was very depressed and lost for a very long time so i turned to alcohol :( but one day realising to myself that drowning myself in alcohol ain't going to raise a child! i also meet a wonderful person whom has to this day helped me with life's battles, so i threw the bottle away and started to look after myself.

NOW is the time for me to get of my butt and start doing something about it! close to a decade of abuse has been done to this poor body. lets face it being 30 is really the time i believe that our eyes should be opened.

I'm seeing friends of mine start to develop some health issues that i want to try and avoid till im at least 50 lol

neways i used to watch the biggest loser on TV and i would envy those contestants! they had the best opportunity thrown at them everything they needed was there, all the support they needed was there.

and them trainers damn i wanted my own one of them!! as I'm sure a million other people that watched it did as well.

Then i stumbled across Michelle bridges 12 week body transformation........... bingo!!!!

that lady was amazing on TBL i was so excited to see she had her own online program. so i with out hesitation i jumped straight onto the band wagon!!

of course I'm not expecting a easy fix! I'm am determined to take this challenge and rip it up!!

now in all honesty the real reason I'm writing this blog is not really to show people i can do it, its more a sealed deal, if i can get people to follow this, subconsciously i will feel responsibly to fill this out and not let people down, it also acts as a fantastic diary for myself so in my low times i can look back and go "shut up jimmy you big girl and get on with it"

i hope i ain't bored you all to much this is my first ever blog and I'm looking forward to many more to come

lets do it Michelle I'm here for the long haul!!!!

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  1. Hi Jimmy! I just joined round 3 too. currently giving serious thought abotu preseason task 2 - excuses. Finding it a bit difficult.. as I tend to make excuses to get out of work to go and exercise instead of making excuses not to... haha but I am sure I have plenty of excuses related to eating crap. will be interesting what my list looks like when im done.
    Good luck for the next 16 weeks! I will be running right there along side you. :-)