Monday, September 20, 2010

day 1

well been a busy few days getting ready for the kick off,

brought myself a boxing bag and a set off gloves.

i also done our big first shop!!
i gotta admit i was a bit shocked with the total price of the groceries!
guess at the end of the day you cant put a price on health.

thankfully my partner is a fantastic cook!! and has taken to these recipes with ease!

day 1!!!

well today started with a nice breaky! of yogurt and Berry's ( cant complain ) had
a pretty full on craving for pretty much everything all day hahaha which only managed to get worse!!
with my work mates all getting my favorite pizza for lunch, but i managed to ignore it and concentrated
on work to take my mind of my screaming belly!
i tell ya what this is gunna be very hard for a huge sweet tooth like myself.
tea time has now been and passed and as i brought prawns on the big shop we decided we would have them on
the kick off night so that they would be nice and fresh!
now I'm off to the spare room for my first training night. tonight ill be doing my dvd as my shoes
still have not turned up yet!! and id better ease my poor body into this week! its in for a rude shock hahaha


  1. Nice work, mate. Are you keeping it up at 1800 Calories? Don't let yourself go hungry! How did your work out session go? Told my other half I soooo want a boxing dummy for home... I'd be in seventh heaven!

    Let us know if your body recovers from the shock!

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  3. cheers! im trying to keepo it near 1800 im not a real good counter hahahaha work out sessions have been intense, i got a bike now so i push myself for 30 min on that bad boy only seem to burn about 150 - 200 calories on that though!
    oh yeah the bag is brilliant! cant move the next day hahaha

  4. I've been riding a lot more too! Tackled a hill this morning and it beat me! Only made it 2/3 of the way up and it wasn't even really a hill! More like a very long slope!!! ; )